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The hotel is not responsible for any valuables left in the guest's rooms. Safety deposit boxes are provided in every room and can be rented from the Reception. All Guests are obligated to the overnight tax that is 3,00 euros per room per night. The Check-out time is at 11.00 o'clock, and by submitting this form you agree to release your accommodation on day of departure latest until 11.00 o'clock. In case you have any inconvenience during your stay at MEROPI Hotel & APARTMENT, you are kindly requested to inform us immediately, so that we become aware, register it in our Logbook and take immediate action. Otherwise, any problem or complaint which made known after the Guest's departure from the hotel will be dismissed, as it will not be possible to be evaluated afterwards.

By submitting this form you consent to the usage of your personal information for administrative purposes. The hotel guarantees not to disclose information to third parties other and affiliates companies. You consent to the use of your personal information for the purpose described above. Also, be informed that a file of guests is kept for reasons of public health protection.

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Guests and staff health and safety is always our Hotel’s number one priority. The Hotel has implemented in accordance with EU and local government guidelines on the management of Coronavirus appropriate procedures to safeguard its guests and staff health and safety whilst guests are staying at the Hotel. It is, therefore, essential that all guests using the Hotel facilities strictly follow measures and guidance given by the hotel to prevent infection and virus transmission to a maximum.

In this regard, while staying at the Hotel you must respect any and all related healthcare measures (indicatively including physical distancing, hand washing, use of face masks).

You must stay in your room if you experience at any time during your stay at the Hotel minor symptoms such as cough, headache, mild fever, and get in touch with the Hotel’s reception immediately.

Upon departure, you are explicitly requested to immediately notify the Hotel if you develop symptoms associated with COVID-19, or obtain a positive test result for COVID-19, within 14 days following departure.

The undersigned hereby (a) declare and confirm that I have been properly informed that the Hotel satisfies the provisions of the law regarding the special healthcare protocols (as provided under the Joint Ministerial Decision 1881/29.5.2020 regarding the special healthcare protocols that will apply to the touristic enterprises in light of the measures against COVID-19) and (b) acknowledge that the Hotel shall not be held liable (for the restoration of damage or otherwise), as long as the measures provided under said healthcare protocols are complied with.

I acknowledge that my personal data and information will need to be used by the Hotel, as prescribed under the abovementioned protocols (and particularly in cases of potential or confirmed infections) and expressly agree thereon.

I further confirm that I have read and understood and agree to all the above and all the information given and I have personally informed all parties in my booking who agree with the information given and we will all comply with any other related requirements, measures and protocols notified to us by the Hotel.

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